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"Qtrac Plug & Play" - Electronic Queuing Line Call System

Qtrac CF "Plug and Play" system will arrive preconfigured with a theme - assemble and begin your improved customer service queuing solution.

Qtrac's wireless communication enables fast and easy installation. All necessary components are included in the kit. Simply plug it in and turn it on! Its self-contained architecture means it works independently from your other networks, keeping proprietary information safe and secure.

A simple way to decrease wait time and increase the efficiency of your checkout or service process! Qtrac CF optimizes customer flow and increases service efficiency by streamlining the way cashiers and service agents call customers from the waiting line to their register or service window. With a simple button-push on Qtrac's wireless remote, cashiers and service agents instantly alert the next waiting customer in line and effortlessly guide them to their open register or service position using both audio and visual alerts from the LCD display.