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How To Prevent Retractable Belt Barrier System From Breaking

Prevent Retractable Belt Barrier From Breaking

Retractable belt barriers are designed to be a visual barrier they will not prevent a person to go through it and obviously will break if enough force is applied.

That’s why we recommend leaving at least 6” to 12” inches or more of the belt inside the cassette so if you push on the belt it will have a reserve to retract. Example - stanchions with 11’ ft. belts should be set up no more than 10’ ft apart.

Free standing stanchions will not break as easy because it will tip over if too much force is applied on the belt.

Wall mounted belt barriers are fixed to a wall and therefore don’t have such flexibility.

Manufacturers warranty does not cover breaking of the product if it was not used as intended.


1. Leave at least 6” to 12” inches of the belt inside the unit or for wall mounted belts even more - 2’, 3’ or 5’ ft.

2. Order your new belt barriers with magnetic belt ends installed in the factory. Use a magnetic belt end that will simply disengage and will prevent the mechanism or the belt end from breaking. When you order freestanding stanchions from us we can modify the 3 receptacles on top of the post to accept magnetic belt end. Wall mounted barriers can be supplied with this belt option as well.

3. Order and replace your existing belt ends with magnetic ends.

4. If you need to replace an existing belt end but the loop on the end of the belt is broken, you can use this part which can be installed on the belt that is cut ( Magnetic Belt End Replacement), but it doesn’t come with the metal receiving plate like the part linked above, it can be ordered separately (Steel Receiving Plate).

Prevent Retractable Belt Barrier From Breaking
Loop at the end of the belt.

Crowd Control Fire Marshal Regulations

Belt barrier with a magnetic belt end is legal to use at the venues and bars in Florida, Massachusetts and other states where fire marshals have rules that don’t allow to use regular belt end because it’s considered a permanent barrier. Magnetic belt end will disengage automatically as a person runs through the belt during the emergency.