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Fixed & Removable Belt Stanchions

Fixed Base - Surface Mounting.

When a queue system layout is permanent, fixing the barriers keeps their alignment which saves having to straighten the runs as can happen with portable barriers. For permanent fixing the barrier is fitted with a 5” flange that enables it to be surface mounted to the floor. A decorative flange cover is also available.

Fixed Base - Surface Mounting.

Removable Base - Occasional Removal

For permanent queue layouts but where occasional removal may be necessary a socket is set into the floor and the barrier is fitted with an insert which slides into the socket. A cap fits flush with the socket flange for safe closure when the barrier is removed.

Removable Base - Occasional Removal

Removable Base - Mini Floor Socket

The removable stanchion can be removed but it takes more effort. You have to unscrew it, where regular removable socket, you can just pull out the stanchion..

Mini Floor Socket

*Magnetic Mounting Base

(*At this time magnetic mounting is available only for Beltrac Stanchions and Museum Stanchions with elastic cord).

Long Belt Lengths RollerPro

Fixed & Removable Stanchions and Parts For Sale

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