How To Avoid Crowd Chaos With The Red Velvet Rope

When celebrities or VIP crowd favorites grace any occasion, expect some form of chaos to happen. The
best way to handle these situations is to use the red velvet rope. It honors your guests but keeps the uninvited from coming too close to your guests without being abrasive.

If you think about it, the red velvet rope is like good manners. A gracious person may not want someone near but he or she avoids being obvious about it. It respects all parties and knows where to draw the line. Unfortunately, the red velvet rope cannot be assumed to be able to do the job along especially if you have the likes of a Madonna or Lady Gaga on your front door.

You will need to assess your situation and place casually-dressed security personnel beside your red velvet rope. Some celebrities automatically demand and get a respectable distance from press and fans while other just seem to attract them to want to get close enough to touch or grab a small memento. As your guest, it is your duty to keep them safe or you could gain a reputation that would smear any chances of future celebrity events.

On the other hand, getting known as the hottest new “in” place in town will mean business will start improving. The sky would be the limit but first you need to make sure all your basics are in place, most especially security and safety of your customers.