How To Use Retractable Belt Barriers To Save Money

Before you even let the crowd into the area, you need to make sure the retractable belt barriers are safely in place. You will need to put the amount of distance between the posts and for the people to pass through. It cannot be a narrow lane because accidents will easily happen this way, even if your posts are heavy and known to be stable.

For this part of the set-up, you will need to hire some help. If you get pay by the hour, you save because set-up does not take long. Once you’re ready to open the doors and allow people to come in, you should have at least two staff, one on each end. There will be no more need for anyone monitoring the rest of the area, especially if the venue has security cameras. If not, then one of the two employees should check the line periodically.

It is important though if you plan to limit staff hiring, to make sure that the retractable belt barriers have a secure lock. This is so the belts aren’t released accidentally, then rebound and harm someone.

If you plan to use the retractable belt barriers often, eventually you will only need one person to check the lines, and make sure that no one is damaging the belts.

Retractable belt barriers