Using Retractable Belt Barriers for Crowd Control Purposes

During the day, retractable belt barriers can be seen everywhere. They are great for areas where there tend to be lines or queues such as airports, check out lines, post offices and hotels. Every time you stand in line, be it to buy a movie ticket or to get into a nightclub, you are ushered to your destination with the use of retractable belt barriers.

Retractable Belt Barriers

They are metal or plastic posts with a belt that can be pulled across a room to another post. The barriers use a spring mechanism, or perhaps a weighted pulley system, to stretch from post to post. The design of the posts and belts are versatile and come in a variety of colors. These barriers were designed for crowd control purposes. For exclusive events, they keep the invited separated from the spectators. Retractable belt barriers are used to help customers or to beef up security.

When people are left without direction it can become easy to get overwhelmed or for chaos to ensue. It becomes more difficult to determine who is next in line or to keep people from wandering into areas they do not belong. They are used in most public event situations. The retractable belt barriers are great because they are portable and can be taken to any type of event and reused.

These barriers were not designed to hold back individuals or crowds on their own. The technique works best when there are employees or security personnel to man the barriers and remind people they are not to be tampered with or bypassed. They should be monitored carefully when children are involved because if they become loose and snap back into place, a child could be injured. Using signage will help the crowd to understand exactly where the owners or event planners expect visitors to stay or stand in line.

While retractable belt barriers are great for taking with you on the road or to multiple events, there are wall-mounted versions that can be attached to a wall for areas that need constant roping off.  These wall mounts can be removable, semi-permanent or permanent fixtures. There are short barriers to prevent people from getting too close to something, like an art exhibit, and taller ones to get people from passing a certain point, such as a red carpet event. Regardless of your crowd control needs, there are retractable belt barriers that are perfect for your area or event.

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