Promoting Public Safety With Retractable Belt Posts

Retractable belt posts have become more commonplace than ever before. Much of this has to do with protecting customers and keeping lawsuits at bay. Who can blame business owners for being extra cautious about public safety?

On the other hand, without retractable belt posts, the alternative would be too risky what with chaos and disrespect for the “first in-first-out” policy. Just take for example, a line at the cashier in a department store. Think about people milling around as compared to an orderly line to the cashier. On a regular working day, the retractable belt posts might not be needed, but during weekends or holidays where stress levels are peaking, you are likely to have tempers tipping over, and customers leaving without shopping bags in hand.

Furthermore, the rippling after effects will be felt for weeks or even months after. Many would avoid the department store because of the potential disasters that could occur. Consider next places that cannot be avoided like banks, airports, restaurants, and entertainment venues, and multiply the danger by a hundredfold. Even if just one person gets hurt, stepped on, or trampled on because of an impatient crowd, it would be devastating.

Retractable belt posts cost money, but it will be far more expensive not to get them if your business has anything to do with direct contact with customers, and lines that could build up to more than 5 persons at one time.