Finding The Right Kind of Retractable Rope Dividers

Buying used equipment is a good way of saving money when starting or upgrading your business. However, not all used items are worthy of your money. For example, if you are looking for retractable rope dividers, you may chance upon a very good deal in the paper or online. Since these dividers have been in circulation for many years, it has gone through several changes. The item being sold may be an old version or the dividers, and therefore not practical or as safe as a newer version.

One instance would be the retracting device. The older versions of the retractable rope dividers were very primitive, so to speak. Some of the are even just plain hooks that you hand on the rope posts, which means anyone can play around with them, and get hurt. Other older models have the retractable mechanism but it snaps back violently, and can also cause considerable damage, especially with children around.

You have to consider the safety features above the price factor because you could be dealing with a lawsuit should something happen to one of your customers because of defective retractable rope dividers. On the other hand, if you can find a the dividers from a trusted supplier or friend who will vouch for its durability and safety, then you just might have uncovered your new gold mine.

Retractable rope dividers