A World Without Retractable Rope Dividers

Retractable rope dividers, believe it or not, is something many take for granted. Let’s see what happens if suddenly, all the retractable rope dividers were to disappear today. What would happen?

First of all, jostling for front position would be the order of the day. Animal instinct to be in the front would set in, and you have dozens of people in airports, banks, hotels, restaurants, museums, schools, concert venues and others being destroyed by the attack of people piling up to be in the front of the line.

Secondly, the poor people behind the counters will be terrorized and traumatized by who to serve first. Arguments and fights will happen, no doubt. Children will not be safe, and women will be trampled underfoot by the stronger sex.

Without retractable rope dividers, we would have crude boards or barriers that would look awful and bring us back to the days of cowboys and Indians.

Worst of all, it would encourage rampant free-for-all attitudes; discipline will all but disappear, and we would not think twice of stepping over someone to get to the front of the line.

Often neglected as insignificant and unimportant, rope dividers serve a public purpose which we often grip about when the line is not moving fast enough. When this happens, just think of the scenarios above, and be glad that you’re in a safe place.

Retractable rope dividers