How Retractable Rope Can Be Used to Distract Crowds

A typical retractable rope features tough woven nylon with a weighted post. These are often used in retail and other public environments to help assist in directing customers and restricting access to staff or VIP only areas.

Dress up a retractable rope by adding a sign holder to the top of the posts. Businesses can use these signs to education, entertain or market additional services. These signs give waiting customers something to focus on other than their boredom or impatience at having to wait in line. Waiting in line is one of life’s unfortunate necessities but there is no reason why the time cannot be used to further your own business or keep your customers happy. This is the perfect reason for adding sign holders or monitors to your retractable rope posts.

There are multiple ways to design your floor plan to utilize the retractable rope posts effectively. This will vary widely depending on your business and the effect you are going for. Amusement parks want long queue lines to appear quicker than they are so they use illusions such as hiding the way in front of you and placing the posts in zig zag shapes to hide just how much wait is left. A bank wants something a bit more forward and easy to understand. Determining how you plan to use your new retractable rope barriers is one of the most important efforts you will undertake before actually making your purchase.

Retractable Rope Dividers