What to Consider When Buying Or Renting Rope Stands

Rope stands are used to hold the crowd control ropes in place. They have hooks on top, and the standard height of about 2 to 3 feet. If you have ever stood in line to buy something or view an important object, there were probably velvet ropes or retractable bands keeping everyone in place. The rope stands are what you see at the end of the rope or bands.


Traditional Rope Stanchions

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There are different designs for the ropes stands, and most common is variety in materials used, as well as diameter of the base of the rope stands. There are rope stands with bases that are about a foot in diameter, and others with much wider base. The advantages of a wider base is less tendency to topple over.


Traditional Rope Stanchions

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If you are planning to buy or rent rope stands, the base is an important element to consider. You may want to buy or rent more affordable rope stands, but remember that those rope stands with a smaller diameter base, will need to be more closer to each other. This is to avoid stretching out the rope so that accidents of rope stands falling on someone’s foot does not happen.

The original rope stands used wood, which was before the 1950s because in 1951 the first steel rope stands were introduced in France. Obviously it became a huge hit because we see most ropes stands made of steel or other metals. You may not even find wood rope stands anymore simply because it is not environmentally friendly, and can suffer a lot of wear and tear. Also, since rope stands are exposed to a lot of handling, it is possible to get splinters.

Another aspect to consider when buying or renting rope stands is whether or not it is easy to maintain the sheen or gloss of the material. These rope stands are used mostly in outdoor lobbies or even along the sidewalk for ticket lines or entrances to bars. This means it is exposed to the elements of nature - wind, rain, snow, and human contact. If it is made of material that will turn dark over time, then this means it is high maintenance. Stainless steel is more expensive, but less demanding on maintenance, so you might want to think forward, and not just base your decision on how the rope stands shine and shimmer right now.

Finally, think about the weight of the rope stands because it will determine the cost. If you expect to entertain manageable crowds, then the lighter rope stands will be just fine. However, packed crowds, even if you perceive them to be educated and well-behaved can turn unruly unless properly guided with crowd control, heavy duty rope stands.

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