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The Difference Between "QueueMaster" (Economy) & "QueuePro" (Premium) Retractable Belt Stanchions

Our Economy Retractable Belt Stanchions "Queue Master", "Safety Master" & "Weather Master" are probably the best quality "economy" level product in the market.

Most belt stanchions in this price range have serious shortcomings and quality issues, but our Economy "Queue Master" Stanchions features similar quality to more expensive stanchions including the breaking mechanism for slow belt retracting, long belts up to 11' feet, full size rubber floor protectors.

If you need stanchions in a heavy traffic area our Premium stanchion "QueuePro", "RollerPro" & "SafetyPro" are more durable and have longer belts 16' ft. and 35' ft., and will last longer.

Base Cement filled insert Cast iron insert
Roller Base
Rubberized Base
Tube Wall Thickness (Stainless Steel) 0.39 gauge 0.52 gauge
Height 39" inches 39" inches
24" inches
Can be made custom height
Base Types Sloped Profile (Slim)
Heavy Base 30 lbs.
Mini Socket
Price Starts $44.95 and more $97.00 and more