What to Look for in a Velvet Cord or Velvet Rope Post

When there are two posts connected by a velvet cord, you’ve got yourself a bona fide stylish crowd control device.  These are used in so many places these days that they are not always noticed. You find them in the movie theater, but you can also find them at a car rental establishment.  Buyers can find these velvet cord devices in a variety of styles and colors to help make them stand out.

For those so inclined, it is even possible to mix and match poles and velvet cords to get a different effect.  These velvet ropes can be purchased separately so that you get only what you need, and also the visual you are seeking.  The posts themselves come in a variety of styles from flat top to ball posts to tulip tops. Purchasers can get a chrome post, or perhaps a brass or matte black finish.  Some of the posts come with accents.

Then there is the velvet cord.  Velvet ropes can come in either velvet or velour and your color options are numerous.  Red is, of course, hugely popular in the velvet cord business.  However, black, blue and even purple are other classy options.

Today’s technology also allows some of the velvet cord posts to hold sign holders and even tiny monitors for entertainment viewing purposes.  Whatever you decide, there are is the perfect velvet cord set for your needs.

Velvet Rope