How a Velvet Rope Can Change an Event

While the red velvet rope is a classic choice, a velvet rope can come in all sorts of colors. For an even more stunning visual, a crushed velvet look adds even more appeal to this rope barrier. There is no better way to guide your guests through a line than the luxury of a crushed velvet rope.

The velvet rope is used to draw crowds in and keep crowds out. They are used at exclusive events to separate the worthy and those who just come to stare and gossip. Unlike steel gates, a velvet rope is portable and can be transported quickly from one place to another. This is perfect for event planners, wedding planners, book signings, concert tours, and other traveling functions.

A velvet rope is easy to clean. All an owner needs to do is dust off the rope occasionally to maintain it’s allure. If you are purchasing your ropes, they can be reused after you are done with them by wrapping them around some drapery for a dramatic effect.

For many people in the entertainment industry, the velvet rope has become a symbol of celebrity. Getting past the rope is symbolic of ordinary people attempting to obtain a brush with fame. Fans are often standing behind the rope looking out at the life they want. Therefore, the metaphor involving getting past the velvet rope stands for simply people wanting to be rich and famous.

The velvet rope is not only for demonstrating high society, but is also a great device for eliminating confusion with your guests. Many ropes are placed to benefit the movement of traffic, guide them to an entrance or exit, and to keep lines moving orderly and correctly. They are a fancy method of crowd control for all types of events. A velvet rope can be purchased for recurring use or rented for events that only happen occasionally. Perfect for lobbies, entryways and crowded rooms – the velvet rope is a head turner and a must have for those in charge of events everywhere.

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