The Many Uses for Velvet Ropes

Velvet ropes are used for any number of events. A velvet rope is a classy way to separate or divide an area. They are quite common at red carpet events, movie premieres, and concerts. For a sophisticated look and feel to any party, velvet ropes are a great investment. Whether you are a company that needs to use ropes for several events through the year, or you only need them for a one-time event, there are plenty of experienced and reputable companies that will rent velvet ropes for those interested.

Velvet Ropes for Nightclub Openings

For those who are dreaming of the night they get to open their own nightclub, a velvet rope is essential for the line queue of interested people waiting to get inside. With the club, DJ, bar, and dance floor ready to go – it is imperative not to have an overexcited crowd rushing into the place. The ropes will work to get people in line and orderly, allowing your doorkeeper to retain control of the situation.

Velvet Ropes for Charity Events / Fundraisers

Non-profit organizations survive based on the donations of patrons. Fundraisers are essential to the success of a charity. High profile fundraisers could bring in enough money to fund months, or even a full year, of company expenses. While there is generally not much need for crowd control at charity functions, some nice velvet rope rentals will help to add pizzazz and flare to the event.

Using Ropes at Weddings

Little girls dream of their wedding day from a young age. Many of them have all the details worked out – from the color of the decorations, to the venue, to the dress.  For women looking to make a real statement on their wedding day, velvet ropes are great visuals for guests entering and leaving the venue.

Velvet Ropes for Proms

Another event that will shine or sparkle more with the addition of a velvet rope, is a teenager’s high school prom. Often the budget for prom decorations is meager, but if a velvet rope rental can be had it should be. Velvet ropes are great compliments to the scenery.


The bottom line is that velvet ropes are perfect for all types of events. From press conferences to a runway show, the addition of velvet ropes is almost expected. While the guests will not go away talking about how great the rope rental was, having them on your big day sends a message of style and elegance that you would not have without them.

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