Can Non-5 Star Businesses Use Velvet Ropes?

Are you under the impression that velvet ropes are only for 5 star businesses? While these kinds of ropes will look out of place in a gas station convenient store, a small restaurant, retail store, or bank don’t have to balk at using velvet ropes. It’s all in the presentation and use. In other words, do not assume that it is inappropriate just because your business is designed to cater to VIPs on a daily basis.

You need to turn your thinking around and start considering treating your customers like VIPs even if they live in an apartment instead of a mansion, or work 9-5 instead of go on vacations three times a year.

Just watch what will happen when you add some class to your business. Explain to your loyal customers that the velvet ropes are for them. It is not to attract a new kind of customers. They should accept it as a sign of gratitude from you for their continued patronage of your business. Watch their eyes widen and their smiles come out gloriously. You will feel their surprise and be glad you did it.

There will be some who will be skeptical. That’s normal. Go with the flow and sooner than later, these loyal skeptics will see that you’re sincere. It’s an epic marketing strategy that cannot be used all the time, so time it on a special occasion like your anniversary.