Warehouse Rack Mounted Belt Barriers for Closing Isles at Costco

For Costco Wholesale

After many trials, Costco has chosen to use a standard warehouse rack upright mounted retractable belt barrier with an "S" hook belt end made by Lavi Industries.


Lavi Standard Wall Mounting

QuickMount® Standard

Temporarily attach our Quick Mount Safety Barrier to your warehouse upright by simply clicking into place. For use with uprights with holes measuring 1.5 inches apart.

Belt End: "S" Hook

Belt Colors:

  • Florescent Yellow (FY)
  • Safety Stripe (SF)
  • Caution - Please Do Not Enter (One-Sided) (S6)
  • Do Not Enter - Temporarily Closed (One-Sided) (S7) - Most Popular

Belt Lenght: 18' ft. or 24' ft.