In Defense of the Queue Pole

People who think they are more deserving of immediate attention than anyone else will belittle the use of the queue pole. They refuse to fall in line or they just waltz straight to the front of the line demanding VIP treatment.

If you are the one in charge of the queue pole, then instead of arguing with this person, you will need to reason with him, and explain why there is a line. However, before you start, always ask what the problem is. This is because this person may have an emergency and in dire need of attention immediately.

Once you have determined that the person is just trying to pull rank, then bring this person aside, and talk to him. If you are unable to explain that the lines are needed to maintain order and discipline, call your supervisor. Your supervisor will probably try to let him know that having the queue posts help make the transactions move faster.  There is not much option but to fall in line and be respectful of the ones who came in ahead.

From the point of the customer, it may be a good idea to have an “express lane” for those with single or simple transactions. This way, you get everyone served even faster, and still get to use your queue posts.

Queue Pole