How To Choose Posts With Retractable Straps

The base of the posts with retractable straps comes in different designs. There are posts that do not have a visible base, which means they are embedded in the floor as permanent structures. The advantage of this is less prone to accidents and maintenance of the posts and its surrounding areas are easy. Furthermore, you don’t have to deal with any kind of markings on the carpet or flooring. The disadvantage is mainly the permanency of the posts which means you can’t move them around without leaving holes in the floor.

Other post bases have varying sizes from a couple of inches to those that are wider, and bigger. Naturally, the larger bases are more steady, and less more to tipping over. Thus, you should be able to gauge your crowd flow properly in order to figure out which kind of base will fit your needs.

Aside from the base, go over the locking mechanism for the retractable straps since this is the one other part that goes through a lot of wear and tear. Check both the strap side and the part of the pole that you attach the straps to. These should both be secure and extremely capable of handling pulling and the weight of the straps with people possibly putting some weight on the straps.

Keep in mind that people will lean, pull, stretch, and fiddle with everything and anything they can get their hands on while waiting in line, so expect there to be a considerable amount of handling with the posts with retractable straps.