Enjoy Queue Lines By Not Stressing About Being In a Line

Part of the fun of attending an event is being around the queue lines. You get to hang out with your friends, talk about what’s ahead, and even get to meet other people with similar likes.

The minute you start to stress and grumble about waiting in line, the less enjoyable the event will be. It will also put a damper on the people with and around you. Here’s some tips on how you could pass the time while waiting in the queue lines.

You could bring a book or buy a program, if the event has one for sale. This will heighten anticipation of what’s to come, and even give you some inside tips on who will be around, and some of the activities that will be happening once you get inside the venue.

You could meet someone cute and friendly, and start something interesting. This is a great idea because it goes beyond the evening’s events. It’s something you can look forward to long after the lights have been shut off for the night.

You could use your phone to do business and hook up with clients or friends. You could even take shots of the queue lines, and post them online to make your friends green with envy about where you are. 

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