Using the Red Velvet Rope for Crowd Control

The red velvet rope is a long held tradition when it comes to upscale crowd control.  Velvet ropes, barriers, and temporary walls are all used to separate the spectators from the guests of honor or event areas. The great thing about using red velvet ropes though is that it sends a statement of luxury and elegance instead of acting as just a barrier.

There are other techniques you can use in addition to the red velvet rope that work less obviously. One of these tricks is to maintain the area’s temperature. There are studies that indicate that the hotter an area gets, the more aggressive a crowd will become. Keeping it cool and comfortable is a smart idea.

Another technique is to either beef up the security, or at least make it look like you have. Guests tend to behave better if they feel they are being watched and monitored. If you have a good security system, but it is not highly visible – consider making it more visual.

Believe it or not, there is actually a psychology to queue line design. Focusing on how to make your queue lines seem shorter and more interesting will certainly help to keep people from either getting bored or aggravated about waiting in line. Spend some time studying line design to get the best use of your red velvet ropes.

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