Why Warehouses Need Retractable Barrier Tape

When working in a potentially unsafe area such as a warehouse, factory or anywhere with a loading dock – it is imperative a company take every possible safety precaution. Loading docks require that their doors be open for long periods of time. This means there is extra opportunity for someone to lose his or her balance and fall. Retractable barrier tape is the solution for this problem. Not only will this barrier help to keep workers from being injured, but it will also serve as an early warning for people working in the area.

The purpose of using the retractable barrier tape is that it can be easily and quickly removed when necessary. Something that is to difficult to move would be a waste as the company could simply open and close the dock doors instead.

These retractable barrier tape products can include additional add-ons including LED lights, safety signals, and spring loaded straps. The best part of the retractable barrier tape is that it prevents injuries, which makes it exceed expectations with OSHA. The tape is often caution yellow with yellow powder coated steel housing and a strong yellow, nylon strap. These can be purchased up to 10 feet wide and is well worth the investment.

Retractable belt barriers