Use a Retractable Barrier to Declutter Your Space

As if crowd control ropes and stanchions are not convenient and portable enough, retractable barrier posts take this a step further. A retractable barrier means that you do not need to remove and transport or care for the ropes that are typically linked or chained from post to post. When you need to put the rope away you simply have to pull it out and then let it safely retract back into the post. The belt is stored safely inside the head of the post.

These posts usually have weighted bases to keep them from falling over during use. They are also easy to carry from place to place and store. Many of them are wind resistant which makes them great for outdoor use.

It is possible to use a retractable barrier without incorporating posts. This is because there are wall mounts that allow you to hook the barrier right up to a wall. At the end of the day you could loosen the belt and retract into the wall, freeing up space and making the area more tidy and uncluttered.

A retractable barrier is easy to use and can make an area more versatile. Great for people who need different layouts or who change their mind frequently about their queue set-up.

Retractable belt barriers