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We can make one rope end “snap” and the other “open” (add your request on the checkout page in the order comments box or email us after placing your order.)

Rope Colors: Velvet Rope color depends on the position of the rope in relation to the light. Product color in pictures may vary with different monitor and resolution settings. The color is also known as pale gray, pearl gray, dove gray, silver, cool gray. Rope velvet color samples are available upon request.

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Velvet ropes as they are used for crowd control and for adding class to events and businesses do not come cheap. Purchasing a sufficient quantity of velvet rope to setup the event can often mean an expenditure of several hundred dollars. This price is justifiable if you’re a business that plans to keep the velvet ropes in use year around and can even justify them as an operating expense on taxes, but if you only need them for one special event or a few such events per year, then the price might not make sense. Fortunately there’s another way to acquire velvet crowd control ropes without breaking your bank. Used velvet ropes are available from a variety of sources. These include brick and mortar establishments that sell things like party supplies decorative items as well as business that offer products taken from distressed businesses and going out of business sales. But the best place to find used velvet ropes is online. This allows you to take advantage of sources from all over the world. This means the competition to sell used velvet ropes is greater, which will save you money. Pick up some used velvet ropes today and add some class to your next event.

If you have shopped around for velvet crowd control ropes lately, you’re well aware of the high prices associated with them. You can always find cheap, poor-quality ropes for a lesser price, but in the long run the savings deteriorate due to replacement costs. Perhaps the best way to avoid high prices while still getting good quality is to shop for used velvet ropes. Used velvet ropes are available for many reasons. Sometimes they are ropes that were used in a store that has gone out of business, or used in a store that has undergone a decorating makeover. Also, they may be ropes that were purchased by an individual who only needed them for a few events and no longer needs them. Regardless of why the ropes are available, it benefits you. Stores that sell these ropes ensure they are in good condition and will work well for their customers. The best place to find a wide selection of used velvet ropes is from an online retailer, who has the luxury of securing these ropes from sources around the globe. You’ll find a large selection and some of the best prices around for used velvet ropes.

If you’ve been shopping around for velvet ropes to use for your event, business, party or whatever, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the costs involved in securing a quality selection of velvet ropes. Quality velvet rope is expensive and can quickly eat up budgets. If you’re about ready to give up on the idea of velvet ropes for your needs, consider used velvet ropes. Just like any other used product, you can usually find used velvet ropes that are in excellent condition, are often indistinguishable from new ropes and are much cheaper than new products. Businesses that sell velvet ropes often maintain a selection of used velvet ropes they have acquired from people and businesses that no longer need them. Since they can usually pick these ropes up for next to nothing, they are able to pass along to you substantial savings. The selection of used velvet ropes may not be as varied as the selection of new ropes, but you can almost always find a used rope that will suit your needs just fine, especially if you shop online, where the selection is always larger. Don’t let cost stop you from spicing up your place with velvet ropes.