Outsell The Competition With The High End Velvet Rope

Picture a store with no visible add-ons in front of its store facade - boring, right? Then, imagine one with a velvet rope, and viola! You have something that screams class; and the idea of a potential blockbuster event about to happen because of the presence of the rich velvet rope.

It’s all about the first impressions, and if you know your market, then you know what will make their heads turn for a second look. Usually, the presence of crowd control equipment signals that something big is about to happen. You don’t even have to actually host an event; it could be a launching of a promotion or a discount offer. And you don’t need to spend for celebrities’ talent fees, which can be astronomical. It’s all about impressions and using the velvet rope to set the stage for the marketing of your business.

Unfortunately, signs, flyers, and posters don’t get as much attention as those ropes do. Even if most people are curious by nature, they just don’t like to read-on-the-go, or be bothered by obvious marketing campaigns. So, by grabbing their eye with the ropes, you tease them enough to make them read about your promotion. Not to mention that often people assume velvet ropes equals a super celebrity dropping by, or the possibility of being seen on TV, and this is good enough to stop many people on their tracks. Thus, forget about using velvet ropes only for controlling crowds. While that may be the original intent, it does not have to be limited to this.

Velvet Rope