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Plastic Barriers for Crowd Control

Plastic barriers are an easy, smart and solid solution for crowd control and safety delineation. New and improved solutions make plastic barriers suitable for any purpose and area. They are extremely robust, highly visible, safe and secure barricades.

Manufactured to meet high standards for safety and pedestrian control, they are available in several different types. Depending on the purpose, their key features may vary in order to provide maximum performance.

Crowd Control Plastic Barricades

Plastic Fillable

Crowd Control Barricades OTW

The Plastic Fillable Barriacade is more than just a pedestrian barricade. At zoos, festivals, stadiums, and construction sites these innovative barricades create clear delineation and serve as an attractive advertising platform.

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Avalon Plastic

Crowd Control Barricades

Has a linking design that creates secure, tamper free, connections. Legs adjust to uneven ground.

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Movit & Minit

Plastic Crowd Control Barriers

Made from strengthened polypropylene formula which is recyclable, environmentally friendly, and will never rust, chip, or scratch.

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ADA Pedestrian Barricade & Strongwall

ADA Compliant, no trip hazard for pedestrians. Modular system can be shaped to any layout.

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Expandable & Other Barricades

FlexPro & FlexMaster

Expanding Barricades

Expanding Barricades FlexPro & FlexMaster, available in materials of plastic, aluminum and steel.

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Expanding Barricades

Provide effective safety, security, reduce accidents and enhance work zone identification.

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Crowd Control Barriers

Manufactured from rust-proof anodized aluminum and HDPE impact-resistant plastic, and designed to withstand heavy use and outdoor elements.

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Manhole Guard

Great for protecting any area requiring temporary restriction of access.

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Portable Safety Barriers

Quickly create a safe and complete visual barrier zone in virtually unlimited indoor applications.

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Plastic Barrier Uses and Types

A plastic barrier is a concept that finds its application in both commercial and industrial setting. Plastic barriers can be ideal for traffic, roadworks, crowd control, outdoor and indoor applications.

Due to their easy maintenance and high performance, plastic barriers have become a primary safety choices.

Plastic Barrier Fencing – Adjustable Barriers

Plastic Barrier Fencing is a commonly used concept for barricades. The fence is made with the merging of plastic barriers designed to interlock . Arranging plastic fencing has a lot of different possibilities. The choice is between different sizes, designs, colors, types of interlocks, but the main choice is made regarding purpose.

Types of plastic barriers used in fencing:

  • Plastic water-fillable barricade
  • Lightweight fence-resembling plastic barriers
  • Strongwall plastic barricade
  • Expanding plastic barriers
  • Retractive barrier


  • To restrict movement
  • Engineer the people flow and direction
  • Mark a construction or traffic side safety
  • Mark areas for concerts and massive public events
  • Provide crowd control

Plastic Crowd Control Barriers

Plastic crowd control barriers are portable barricades designed to interlock in order to create a longer crowd control barrier. Mostly use outdoors, crowd control barricades are applicable in public venues expected to be occupied by a huge crowd.

An additional feature that is common in crowd control barriers is a design that provides advertisement placement. As intended to be placed in crowded places, they are excellent commercial space.


  • Easy removable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Different colors and designs
  • Special space for advertisement placement
  • Can be interlocked in the fence or placed individually
  • Adjusted to prevent injuries
  • Additional features regarding placement ( on the grass, pavement and tiles)


  • Direct and control massive crowd
  • Prevent the crowd to enter a restricted area
  • Delineate specific area where the crowd should be located

Plastic Barrier Fences

Plastic barrier fences are an ideal temporary solution for fencing application. Plastic fences find their application in many professional uses, as well as in domestic use. It is an easy setup, and it’s made from strong plastic, thus it’s a reusable and economic solution.

A plastic fence that comes in rolls is commonly used to delineate private property or a restricted area. Moreover, it can be used to direct crowds in concert venues, museums, public events or as a warning barrier.


  • Different roll sizes
  • Different fence sizes ( length, width, mesh size)\
  • Easy installation
  • Reusable
  • Custom color
  • Economic solution


  • Warning fence ( most-commonly in orange color)
  • Property fence ( yard fencing)
  • Crowd control fence ( concerts, demonstrations, public events)
  • Restriction fence ( restricted areas)

Plastic Traffic Barriers

On the outside, plastic traffic barriers resemble other plastic dividers and barricades. However, they are way heavier, around 100 pounds each. They are specifically intended to be used in traffic purposes. Therefore, they need to be solidly constructed and hardly movable.

To ensure safety and effectiveness, traffic barriers undergo extensive crash testing before they are approved for general use.


  • Solid construction and heavyweight
  • Fluorescent color for better visibility at night time
  • Flexible, semi-rigid and rigid barriers
  • Water or sand filled

Uses and functions:

  • Roadside barriers – protects from roadside hazards and obstacles
  • Median barriers – preventing vehicles to enter the opposite way in high roads
  • Bridge barriers protect the vehicles from crashing off side bridge in water or ditch
  • Quick solution for redirecting the traffic
  • Securing road damages
  • Controlling pedestrian movement and protection

Plastic Road Barriers

Plastic road barriers are manufactured to provide ultimate barricade security. Additionally, they’re designed with UV- stabilized polyethylene in order to reduce high-speed impact. They’re ultimately durable and highly visible.

Road dividers are mainly used to mark road direction and prevent vehicles from off-side road obstacles and hazards. Moreover, they find their application in pedestrian traffic regulation.

Separated barriers are designed with a linking mechanism for extra strength and durability.


  • Filled with water or sand – easily portable when empty
  • Absorbs the energy of the collision
  • Durable and weather changes resistant
  • Several barriers are easily interlocked for extra length and strength
  • May hold advertisements or traffic signs


  • Marking the road direction
  • Preventing collisions
  • Preventing road strays
  • Dividing opposite directions, pedestrian and vehicle traffic
  • Marking car parking lots and garages
  • Road diversion and road closures or damages