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A Big Player When it Comes to Crowd Control

Anywhere there is the potential for medium to large sized crowds or people waiting in lines, crowd control is needed to maintain order and adequate customer service. Lavi Industries provides a large range of products and queuing solutions.

The Beltrac® 3000 is the most popular product. Made in the USA, it is a patented stanchion that you have probably seen at any US airport.

The continuous aluminum extrusion provides superior strength and rigidity to withstand the most extreme environments. The 14" sloped and 14.5" slim base is stylish, yet underneath the surface sits a solid, 18 lb. cast-iron foundation that offers best-in-class stability and longevity. The original Beltrac 4-way dovetail grooves allow quick addition of accessories, gates, merchandising bowls, a rigid bar in place of the belt, etc.

Partition Posts and Panels

Lavi Beltrac Partition Posts and Panels

partition panels

Removable, Permanent and Magnetic Stanchion Mounting

Lavi Stanchion Mounting Options

mounting options

Sign Frames

Lavi Sign Frame

sign frame

Electronic Queuing Systems

Lavi Qtrac Electronic Queuing Kits

qtrac queuing kit

Lavi - "Beltrac 3000" Stanchions Lavi - "Beltrac 3000" Double Belt ADA Stanchions
Lavi - "Contempo" Stanchions Lavi - Belt Barrier Kits
Lavi - Basic Belt Barrier Lavi - "Tempest" Plastic Outdoor Stanchions
Lavi - Wall Mounted Belt Barriers Lavi - JetTrac 65 ft. Extra Long Belt Barrier
Lavi - ShuttleTrac Carts Lavi - Beltrac Stanchion Signage
Lavi - Belt Stanchion Accessories Lavi - Stanchion Floor Mounting
Lavi - Beltrac Replacement Parts Lavi - "Beltrac" Partition Posts and Panels
Lavi - Rope Stanchions Lavi - "NeXtrac" In-Queue Merchandising
Lavi - "Directrac" Sign Stands

What to know before placing an order:

The difference between Beltrac and Contempo is that Contempo post is basically the same stanchion, but the tube is round without the dovetail grooves and it has a few more base options like 12" round base. There is also an economy line post Basic and Utility that also have a round base.


For applications where customer will be waiting in the line we don’t recommend a polished (chrome or brass) finish, because it’s like having a big mirror on the floor, satin finish or black doesn’t have that issue. We can also combine finishes, a satin chrome base with a polished chrome post.

The Slim base posts can only be shipped assembled.

Contempo post, in addition to the same bases also has a 12" round base.

There are many different kinds of crowd control products available. Each of them has their own benefits and drawbacks, depending on the type of assistance a business requires. Lavi Industries specializes in crowd control products of all sorts and is the place to turn when you want knowledge, experience and a great deal when attempting to solve your traffic flow issues.

Lavi Industries has been offering public guidance products for over three decades. The company’s focus is more on assisting your customers through your facility in the best and quickest way possible.

Crowd control products are used in a vast number of settings. People encounter them every day whether they recognize it or not. Banks, government offices and retail check out lines all use public guidance systems. So do airports, hotels and theaters. Education facilities such as schools, colleges, and museums require public guidance products to keep people in line and moving correctly. Amusement parks and arenas require Lavi products due to their large crowds. Even warehouses and distribution centers use barrier products to sanction off potentially hazardous areas.

What are some of the products offered by Lavi Industries? The most popular are probably the posts and ropes, also called stanchions, that are used in many retail establishments to lay out queue lines and direct customer traffic. There are retractable belts that can be used with either posts or wall hooks. Lavi’s Qtrac electronic queuing system is used to manage flow and shorten wait times while being able to advertise to your customers at the same time. There are wall mounted barriers. They also offer signage that can be used in conjunction with your posts. They even design custom railings for stairways called StairRail.

In addition, they offer a large inventory that is immediately available to their customers. They also provide in house customization for their products and 3D rendering to assist with layout design.

Lavi has two large facilities, one on each of the U.S.’s coasts, in order to better service all of the states effectively. Their website includes a great overview of the types of products Lavi Industries sells and what the company stands for. They pride themselves on being pioneers in the public guidance industry and for their excellent customer service.

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